Up At 3am With Uncontrollable Thoughts?

Your mind might be racing, or you're having a panic attack or something's just not letting you sleep. It's your thoughts and they can be your closest friend and your worst enemy. It's okay, just take a few deep breaths and place your hand over your heart. Feel it beating...you're alive, that's all that matters... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

Prayer can change a situation. Prayer can change your life. Whenever I have found myself consistently praying on a day-to-day basis for extended periods of time those have been the happiest times of my life, I seemed free of my worries and more grateful for the things that I had in life. There's something about... Continue Reading →

Natalia’s Story, Bipolar Recovery

Keeping well when you have bipolar is an interesting concept. For some it revolves exclusively around managing moods. For others it means fitting life around moods. For me, and others like me who are deep into a recovery that seems to be holding, it’s about keeping an eye, and investing in the things that help us all boost our mental health.

Getting Back Up After A Mistake

Sometimes we stuff up really bad, and other times just a bit, but we feel equally guilty no matter what's at stake. We knock ourselves because of our mistakes and we can hold onto baggage for a long long time. Making mistakes hurts us and it hurts other people. The first step to getting back... Continue Reading →

A Plan For Dealing With Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety is like butterflies in your stomach, except they're all knotted up and you can feel asphyxiated, and sometimes feel short of breath. You just want it to end but it doesn't go away that easy. Sometimes it happens because of a particular confrontation or situation that triggers us and sometimes it's because our... Continue Reading →

Who We Are Is Our Greatest Gift

We are all made in God's likeness. He shines through us in so many ways we can't even begin to imagine. We are unique individuals, but at the same time this individuality unites us, as we see that each person has a role to play in the prosperity of civilisation. The strong stand up for... Continue Reading →

Where Growth Pursues, Happiness Cultivates

In a world where uncomfortable and often undeserved issues plague us, we must look to something more wholesome, something more efficient that can ground us. We need to look to things that rise above resentment, negativity and shame. We often beat ourselves up about things we cannot physically change, but why? for what cause? Challenges... Continue Reading →

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