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10 Rules For Life: Rule #8 – YOU DON’T NEED A LOT TO BE GREAT

We can make a lot from a little. Let that sink in…

It’s a thought that I live by and I hold onto it with every strength that I have because it drives me to realise that I can make something of myself and pursue my goals right now, with the things that I presently have. Nothing more is needed. Most things we think we need to have in order to be successful are not necessary. These are things like money, opportunities and experience. Money and experience is what we will earn from consistent effort (even if not immediately) and we will create our own opportunities.

If there’s one thing that we do need to achieve greatness, I believe it is time, and it makes sense – whether your name is Bill Gates, Lebron James or Warren Buffet; we each have 24 hours in a day – 86,400 seconds to be exact. Time is what we’re gifted with each day freely from the man upstairs.

Time is what we’re gifted with each day freely from the man upstairs.

What separates those great ones from the rest is how they choose to use their time. We each have the opportunity to organise our daily plans to set out the most productive and efficient ways of achieving whatever we value – and what we value is our choice.

Countless times people fail to achieve their goals because they believe that they need more than what they have – but what they don’t realise is that time is limited, so if we have time, we are richer than we know. When God blesses us with a new day he is saying, “I still have a plan for you, and I trust that you will use this time for the betterment of yourself and humanity alike”. Time is not a given right because we could be gone tomorrow, in fact time is more of a responsibility of ours entrusted upon us by God.

Time is more of a responsibility of ours entrusted upon us by God.

So when you feel like giving up because you just don’t feel like you have the tools to succeed just remember that a creative vision and an effective use of time are the only tools you will ever need and nobody can ever steal this from you. You don’t need a lot to be great.

~ A.M, 2018



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