Are you afraid that your life might not work out the way you want it to or the way you envisioned it? Do you ever feel like the position you are in right now could be so much better? Are you afraid that you might not measure up or that your life may not leave an imprint on the world?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you’re in a better place than you might think. You might ask why or how? Well, it’s because you’ve recognised a need for improvement in your life, and whilst you may be on the verge of breaking, YOU HAVEN’T YET! And that is remarkable.

Roger Federer continues to dominate mens tennis because of his desire to improve and change his game

All of the greatest achievers in this world, like the man pictured above have one thing in common. They all constantly want more, strive for more and dream of more. Not more in the sense of material things, but more in the sense of progress. What I’ve learned personally over time is that the moments when I feel progress in my life have been the most fulfilling. I’m content with what I have materially in these moments and I can achieve regardless of whether I have little or have much.

The moments when I feel progress in my life have been the most fulfilling

Progress, particularly in areas of life we once never knew existed awakens our curiosity and awe for life. The new personal best you set last time you went for a run – at a long distance you may have never run before a month or two ago. Your ability to give a compliment every single day for an entire month when you felt as though you were becoming a little vein and bitter (it happens, but it’s the strongest of all that can admit mistakes and take accountability).

The truth is, progress can be made in any way you wish. You get to define the progress that you make in life and that’s how you ultimately leave your mark on this world.

See fear, it’s not all doom and gloom – it’s an indicator – just like the sun arises every morning to awaken you, fear alerts you to the need for change and the need for improvement.

Our response to fear is either to hold back and continue to feel the same negative state every day or to respond to it courageously with creativity – to start making progress that makes sense to us. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, on the other side of fear is unimaginable freedom – and that freedom comes from knowing that the things we once thought impossible are now possible.

We’ve broken limitations and restrictions that once existed. And we ponder for a second, or a minute…..

What other limitations are self made and self restrictive, could I break them too…….?

Always with warmest wishes,

Adam, 2019

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