Your mind might be racing, or you’re having a panic attack or something’s just not letting you sleep. It’s your thoughts and they can be your closest friend and your worst enemy. It’s okay, just take a few deep breaths and place your hand over your heart. Feel it beating…you’re alive, that’s all that matters right now and you’re going to get through this.

Bring Your Thoughts Back To The Present

Our plan is it to bring our thoughts back to the present. The fact we cannot sleep is likely because we are either overthinking about the past or the future – things we do not have immediate control over. You have already felt your heart beating and you are now placing your thoughts on your breathing, breath by breath. Now let’s look around the room, what do we see? Is it dark? Are the lights on? Take in your surroundings and appreciate where you are right now, this is your present.

Grab Something To Write On

As much as we really want to get to sleep right now, we have to address this anxiety we’re facing and think about our long-term wellbeing. Once you feel comfortable in your environment – you can take your thoughts away from your breathing and grab a piece of paper or something to write on.

Now we have brought ourselves to reasonably steady state so that we can sit down and address what is worrying us. On this page simply write down what you are thinking, it can be anything – things that are worrying you, issues you want to solve or stresses about the future – there is no wrong answer.

From here, what we want to do is ask ourselves, ‘why are we having these thoughts and are they detrimental to us?’ If so, we need to do something about it. Here’s what I suggest – pick the biggest problem on that page – the one that bothers you the most and stash all the other issues somewhere else for later. Let’s attack that big one first. I guarantee you that if you can solve the issue that is worrying you the most, the rest of the problems on that page will become twice as easy to solve.

Write A Plan For Tomorrow

So with that big problem – let’s write a plan for tomorrow – what are we going to do to make sure that we are working towards it? We don’t have to fully solve it tomorrow – but we must start. Set yourself some goals for the next day, week and month to overcome the issue. And before you get to sleep think about what your plan is for tomorrow and be happy in the fact that you are working towards becoming a better person.

You have designed goals that will make your life easier – so I hope you can rest easier now with the thoughts of the actions you will make tomorrow as positive ones.

If you’re up and you have questions, post them in the comments.

Much love always,

~ A.M, 2018

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