Do you ever get this anxious feeling that you’re behind or in some ways off track in life? Maybe your goals keep escaping you or they’re taking a long time and you get demotivated and disappointed with yourself. Then you look back to all the times you’ve failed or the things that haven’t worked out and you feel even worse about yourself. It’s a common dilemma for most people – when we don’t meet our own personal standards and we feel a little powerless, but we can beat it.

Sometimes it seems that things beyond our control are what is actually causing us to not meet our personal standards, but we have to let this thought go – it’s not true. What is true? WE MUST TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY.

We have the ability to change our life to be the way we want it to – it is 100% in our power. For example, maybe you’re having trouble waking up early in the morning to exercise because you find it difficult to get to bed early and you just lie there to the point where time continues to pass and it just gets later and later. The harder you try to fall asleep the more difficult it becomes – maybe you’ve got something on your mind that’s causing you to worry and feel anxious. Eventually the morning comes and you know you haven’t slept much so the wise decision is to take a couple of extra hours instead of exercising before work. These are important identifications we need to make.

But, the most important disassociation we just make in this situation is between the amount of sleep we have had and actually getting up and exercising. We didn’t skip exercising because we couldn’t get to sleep the night before – we skipped exercising because we chose not to get up in the morning just because we were a little tired.

See how everything here is a choice? – and the situation can’t define us. Yes, we may be a little tired during the day and at work, but we can get over that. It won’t happen every day because I guarantee that your body will sleep VERY well the next night because you will be so tired. The challenge was at the beginning, but if you persevere your body will start to adjust to the time scale you have given it. Before you know it, you’ll be fast asleep long before your bed time and awake much earlier than you thought you could wake.

So if you feel behind and lacking a bit of control – think about how you can make yourself accountable. Are there decisions you can make that you’ve been avoiding or putting off because they seem a bit hard? Try and identify these and realise that the hardest part of making these decisions is actually the action of making the decision itself. The first day is normally the hardest, then you build momentum and things start to get a roll on.

Make good decisions and hold yourself accountable when you don’t meet your personal standards.


~ Adam, 2019

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