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Dear Anxiety

Thank you to Clayton Jennings for sharing this uplifting work and much much more. An inspiring and empathy drawing video. This is one of the most honest and open representations of how we can feel about anxiety and the thoughts that sometimes control us. This a representation of perseverance beyond the demons of anxiety that can face us. Sometimes we

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Lucent en Tenebris: How I Learned to Shine in the Darkness – Maria’s Story

Maria shares her story of courage to raise awareness for mental health, particularly in her state of Florida, which ranks 50th (out of the 50 US States) in mental health care. Maria’s message to ‘rise up’ is an inspiring one for all who are afraid to speak of their own mental health experiences. Maria plans to continue sharing her experiences

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Let’s speak up about Mental Health: A Feature Article From ‘Izzy’

It’s important that we can learn from the experiences of others on our pursuit for growth and quality of life. This was a remarkable example of how being open about our struggles can go a long way towards our healing. Thanks Izzy for sharing this message: What’s stopping you from living a happy life? “Mental Health is a subject which

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