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Get On With It

No matter how you’ve woken up or what frustrations overcome you in the morning, you must get on with it. Get on with your day and tick off your checklist as you planned. Do not let the doubters or the contrarians stuff up your day. You were born with strength and you have the courage to persevere. God is your

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Positive Experiences – Mark Manson

Positive thinking will drive you to places you never thought possible. Positive thinking about your potential, about other’s thoughts of you, and about the the potential for your current situation to turn around. Your thoughts create your reality, so why not create a positive reality? It seems simple right?…think positively and you will lead a positive life. But there’s actually

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Make Today Count

Make today count. Make it a day that pushes forward your hopes and dreams, but also keeps you intimately grateful for the things you already have. Where you are now is a starting point, and hopefully you feel yourself working within some sort of process that keeps you going and propels you in a positive direction. If you feel your

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