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You Have The Power To Change Your Life (Chapter 1.0 – Momentum)

It’s funny how momentum works. The direction you’re moving in currently is the direction with least resistance. There’s pros and cons to the concept of momentum. If things are going really really great, it’s a lot easier to keep things going that way (provided you don’t become complacent). However, when things are not going so well, it can sometimes feel

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The Power of Prayer

Prayer can change a situation. Prayer can change your life. Whenever I have found myself consistently praying on a day-to-day basis for extended periods of time those have been the happiest times of my life, I seemed free of my worries and more grateful for the things that I had in life. There’s something about it that drops your cortisol

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Lucent en Tenebris: How I Learned to Shine in the Darkness – Maria’s Story

Maria shares her story of courage to raise awareness for mental health, particularly in her state of Florida, which ranks 50th (out of the 50 US States) in mental health care. Maria’s message to ‘rise up’ is an inspiring one for all who are afraid to speak of their own mental health experiences. Maria plans to continue sharing her experiences

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