This Year’s Hope – 2021

As we welcome 2021, we reflect on the year that was. One that challenged many mentally more than they have ever been. 2020 brought a shift in reality that was truly unexpected, which required many to change the way they perceived life, and ultimately challenged their worldview. When a year brings as much challenge andContinue reading “This Year’s Hope – 2021”

Sunday Quote – Daily Motivation

“Every set-back is a setup for a comeback” Unknown Just when you feel like you’re down and out, look to what a situation can teach you and embrace it whole-heartedly. You may have lost this time, but you have never failed if you have never given up after a loss. Keep going!

Let Go & Let God

Living with the stresses and burdens that we visualise in day to day life can be a struggle. We can constantly run through cycles related to fear of the past and can become asphyxiated by our thoughts towards our fears. This asphyxiated feeling is often a creation of our own. The mistakes of our pastContinue reading “Let Go & Let God”

Distinctiveness And Consistency – The Building Blocks of Neural Pathways

The transportation of signals to and from the brain is done by these remarkable things called ‘neurons’. They are scattered throughout the body (largely the brain) in magnificent networks that join up at critical points to form the basis of neural pathways. Neural pathways are responsible for transmitting the information we have stored so thatContinue reading “Distinctiveness And Consistency – The Building Blocks of Neural Pathways”